Alexa Siri - Element Info chat

Written by rajkiran on Sunday April 22, 2018

Here is the video with a fun chat between the Siri Voice and Alexa about the Element Info ????

Element Info skill can be accessed in multiple ways, Alexa skill can be invoked with the following command. 

To invoke the skill --> "Alexa, open Element Info" 
Learn Mode --> "Teach Me" 
Quiz Mode --> "Quiz Me" 

Once the application is launched, you can also quickly access the basic facts about the periodic table elements by using commands like 

"Alexa, tell me about Helium" 
"Alexa, What is the symbol for Potassium?" 
"Alexa, Give me the Atomic number for Arsenic" 
"Alexa, What do you know about Argon?" 
"Alexa, Ask me some questions" 

This skill can be downloaded from Amazon Skill store - Element Info

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