Let's Spell - Alexa Skill

Written by rajkiran on Thursday July 12, 2018

Let's spell the words with Alexa! Wouldn't it be fun if we can take turns with Alexa to spell the words? 

Here is a simple alexa skill that you can invoke with "Let's Spell" command.

After invoking the skill, you can use the following commands to interact with the App. 
- Alexa, "I Spell" / "My Turn"
- Alexa, "U Spell" / "Your Turn"

The difficulty level for words gets adjusted automatically based on the number of correct/incorrect responses. You can also ask Alexa to repeat the word/spelling anytime you would like during the conversation.

Alexa will also reprompt with a clue / word, if no response is given in the first try.

Note: Alexa voice recognition will be much better when used in a quiet environment.

This skill can be downloaded from Amazon Skill store - Let's Spell!

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