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OpenProject installation on Ubuntu with Postgresql and Apache / Nginx

In this note, let's do a quick review on the installation of the very popular open source OpenProject software with Postgresql database and Apache/Nginx webservers. Open Project software has plenty of features, needed for managing the entire project life cycle and is offered with the Community Edition and Enterprise licenses.

The openproject installer for ubuntu configures mysql database and apache webserver by default. We will need to do little bit customization in order to use postgresql as the database for the repository and also check the basic configuration needed to get access to the web UI with either apache or the nginx webserver.

Configuration Info

Operating System : Ubuntu 16.04 ( Xenial )
Database : Postgresql 9.15.2
Web Server : Apache / Nginx
Open Project :  Community Edition

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Written by rajkiran on Saturday June 23, 2018

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