Welcome to Deege Planet!


Hi, I’m Rajkiran! In today’s busy world, things often get very hectic and even before you realize it may lead to unwanted tension and stress, making you uncomfortable. Wouldn’t it be so refreshing if we pause a little and look back at all those precious moments we had in the past in a timeless and artistic way? Thanks to the new technologies and open source tools available to make this possible by building your own personal digital dream world and make your memories come alive.   

As a Professional

Being a seasoned IT professional, experienced with the Database and Web Technologies, I have dedicated NOTEBLOG section to capture some random quick notes based on my experience and other personal projects

As a Photography Lover

Photography is not just about capturing the moments. It is a wonderful tool to discover your passion, express yourself by enjoying and appreciating the beautiful world around you and spread the love around the universe!! VISIONS section is to preserve those beautiful visions experienced through my Lens

As a Parent

Often times, a Kid’s home work is not just for the kids alone, it is meant for parents as well :). While helping our kids with their academic subjects, my wife and I felt that this is a beautiful opportunity for us as well to relearn what we might have forgotten years back. As maths is a favorite subject to both of us, we then, thought about documenting the concepts and also create few fun learning apps under Quest section. We are hoping that this would benefit not only our kids but other kids/parents as well.

My Inspiration

I am a constant learner and get inspired in every little positive thing that I come across and also very fortunate to have wonderful family and knowledgeable people around me, who shape up my life either directly or indirectly with their positive energy.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking some time in visiting this website, Hope you enjoy my work! As always, thank you for the support. If you would like to leave me a note or suggestion, please do so..